Archaeological parks in Sicily


The Archaeological Park is a magical place where the interweaving of culture and environment is presented in its most fascinating form.

A tour highlighting the natural stories that will make you appreciate the territory's geology, vegetation and fauna here and the historical accounts that tell us about architecture and urban planning there.

Spaces that have changed over time, thanks also to the presence of people, where the different aspects blend together harmoniously to reveal themselves to the visitor.

The highly innovative nature of the system of archaeological parks in Sicily, which developed in such a way that the trail involves all the territorial organisations, is largely provided by giving them scientific autonomy and organisational, administrative and financial research. This has made the system stronger and more dynamic, allowing the regional archaeological heritage to be preserved, managed, conserved and defended and make it easier to access. It’s an instrument of cultural and social growth, in a dynamic relationship with the surrounding world.

Sicily’s Archaeological Parks were conceived and curated down to the smallest details by the late councillor, Sebastiano Tusa, an internationally-known archaeological scholar, so the Parks involve fourteen territorial organisations: new experience-based trails that wind through extraordinary open-air museums.

All you have to do is choose your tour and set out with a one great goal: enjoy them all!

Did you really think that an extraordinary island like Sicily, with all its historical and cultural heritage, wouldn’t have other surprises in store for you? The archaeological tours continue… underwater! Find out more.

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