Greek Theatre of Syracuse


In his Voyage en Sicile, published in 1788, Dominique Venon, Baron Denon, included the Greek Theatre of Syracuse in the select group of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Nestled in the Neapolis Archaeological Park and built into the rock of the Temenite Hill, it was renovated in the third century BCE and is among the most famous and important examples of the metropolis that rivalled Athens.

Three fundamental features: the semi-circular stone auditorium, the orchestra and the stage, the latter characterised by grooves and trenches probably used in Roman times for circus events.

A universal cultural symbol, it hosted fascinating classical plays over the millennia and still does today, thanks to the INDA Foundation.

Every year in summer, at sunset, the scenic space echoes with tales told in Greek tragedies and comedies that remain relevant, reliving the magic of the stone theatre in a breath-taking setting.

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