The Gorges of Tiberius


The Gorges of Tiberius are more than 250 metres long and are located on the Pollina River in the MadoniePark, a geopark recognised by UNESCO. You reach the gorges by going down a long set of steps. It is said that they owe their name to the emperor Tiberius, to whom they were supposedly dedicated.

It is a very relaxing place, where you can be accompanied to visit the gorges while gliding on the water in small dinghies to reach two small beaches. Do not miss the charming Madonie villages of Pollina and San Mauro Castelverde.

We can admire Gastropod fossils of in the rock of the walls, numerous birds’ nests, some of which are just a few centimetres away from the water, and the caves of the brigands that inspired legends related to them and the place (the most famous that of Miricu and the Monster). The atmosphere is dreamy: surrounded by plays of light that are created between the water and the walls, with the contrast between hot winds outside and the coolness inside. If we’re lucky, we might also witness the flight of the golden eagle.

To get there, just follow the signs that start from the state road in the direction of San Mauro. After about ten kilometres you leave the provincial road and follow a smaller road that becomes unpaved after a while. We can park before the 400-step staircase.

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