Countless traces of history ennoble Randazzo, a pleasant place with mediaeval origins and culture with a Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Jewish, Arab, Norman and Aragonese legacy.

A silver medal for civil merit commemorates the bombings suffered during the Second World War.

Dominating the magnificent Alcantara Valley, it rises on the northern side of Mount Etna and is a strategic crossroads between the provinces of Catania, Messina and Enna.

Trekking, quad biking, horseback riding, hiking in the Nebrodi Park, visiting the nearby volcanic caves and skiing in Piano Provenzana make this centre an ideal destination for sports tourism.

There’s no shortage of local flavours: from busiate to pork ragu to almond and hazelnut pastries, from buccellati stuffed with dried figs to granita, which is shaved ice, and lesser-known flavours like Mastrantonio cherries, saturn peaches, white raspberries and strawberries from nearby Maletto.

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