A great variety of historical evidences ennoble Randazzo, pleasant place of medieval culture and origin, with Greek, Romans, Bizantines, Jewish, Arabian, Norman and Aragon legacies. A silver medal to the civil merit recalls the bombing occurred during World War II.

It arises on Etna northen slope, overcoming the impressive Valle dell’Alcantara, and it is a strategic crossroad for Catania, Messina and Enna counties.

Randazzo centro storico

Randazzo, centro storico. Ph Giuseppe Spina

Trekking, quad, horse riding, excursion to Nebrodi park, visit to the nearby  lava caves and skiing to Piano Provenzana, make this site ideal aim for sports tourism

Unmissable typical dishes: busiate with pork sauce, halmond and nuts pastries, buccellati filled with dried figs and the granite with of different and not popular  flavours, Mastrantonio cherries, Tabacchiere peaches, white raspberries and strawberries from the close by Maletto.

Strawberries from Maletto – ph. Paolo Barone