Palermo – Itinerary of Aspra-Mongerbino


Explore the underwater route of Aspra-Mongerbino, where history mixes with the beauty of the sea. The itinerary stretches between 15 and 30 metres deep, covering some 150 metres of underwater adventure.

During this incredible experience, you will have the opportunity to admire six ancient iron anchors, tangible evidence of the passage of ships through the centuries, from the Roman Republican era to the Middle Ages and the Byzantine period.

Imagine ancient vessels plying the crystal-clear waters, finding refuge near the majestic Capo Zafferano, in a strategic area along the route between the important cities of Panormo and Solunto. Here, amidst the waves and history, the sailors supposedly found shelter and support during their adventurous voyages.

Prepare to be transported back in time as you explore the depths of the Sicilian sea and immerse yourself in its rich underwater history.

Find out more on the Sea Superintendence website.

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