The Yellow Gold Route


The Yellow Gold Route  is a new and original tourist itinerary that connects some of Sicily’s best-known and most popular historical and archaeological sites with as yet hardly-known and little-visited points of interest. The route offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience.

The proposed itinerary sets off from the sea to reach the hills in the island’s hinterland, alternating between warm, pastel landscapes and dense flora with a less mild climate, the route passes through archaeological treasures and panoramas of extraordinary beauty.

The Yellow Gold Route proposes a visit to points of interest around the cities of Gela, Piazza Armerina, Aidone and Enna along the wheat route, indeed Yellow Gold, whose crops have covered this area since Greek times, characterising its economy and social life. These customs gave rise to myths and beliefs that still live on in city traditions with special celebrations today.

Points of interest along the Yellow Gold Route:

  • Timoleon’s Walls
  • Acropolis
  • Archaeological Museum

Piazza Armerina

  •  Villa Romana del Casale
  • Museum of the City and Territory at Palazzo Trigona


  • Morgantina
  • Regional Archaeological Museum


  • Lake Pergusa and Cozzo Matrice
  • Rocca di Cerere, Castle of Lombardia
  • Multimedia Museum of the Myth
  • Duomo
  • Belvedere Fountain

Info: The Yellow Gold Route  can be accessed free of charge online at the project website and also available in printed form with a comprehensive brochure of the route and in-depth information on request at

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Recommended a minimum of 3 days (2 nights)





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