Isola delle Femmine – Itinerary west of the islet


Explore the underwater itinerary on the western side of the islet of Isola delle Femmine, easily reached in a few minutes’ boat ride from the charming local harbour.

Descending to a depth of 18 metres, divers will be greeted by an extraordinary discovery: a Renaissance cannon, known as an “emery”.

Along the way, you will see a four-marre anchor and a lead counter-barrel dating back to Roman times, adding historical fascination to the adventure.

Continuing your exploration, you will encounter another anchor from the 6th-8th century AD and two Roman lead ingots.

Among the late antique/Byzantine artefacts, an iron coral fishing gear stands out, adding further interest and mystery to the underwater itinerary.

Find out more on the website of the Superintendence of the Sea.

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