Holiday in Agrigento for children and teenagers


The Valle dei Templi and Casa di Pirandello are festivals that spread messages of peace. Agrigento has so much to offer, especially to the little ones!

The International Festival for Children around the World is dedicated to children and is held during the Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore festival (Agrigento) in February, with folklore performances by groups of children from various parts of the world joining together to express values of peace and solidarity.

Valle dei templi is also for the little ones: extraordinary archaeological discoveries await budding researchers. Thanks to the Park’s child educational services, they’re able to participate free of charge in various activities led by a team of archaeologists and experts in museum communication to discover the most beautiful aspects of the Valley and all its secrets, as well as participating in a real archaeological excavation and much more. Activities for families take place on the first Sunday of the month from 15:30 to 18:30 at Casa Barbadoro (under the tempio della Concordia). School activities take place during the year, by reservation, and include several projects: From Excavation to the Museum, Archaeologist in the Classroom, Collect and Preserve and Nea Akragas.

Find out more about Valle dei Templi for young explorers on the izi.TRAVEL audio tour.

In contrade Caos, you’ll visit the birthplace of Pirandello, one of the unmissable stops on the literary tour along Strada degli Scrittori!

On Monti Sicani in Agrigento, an exciting experience is to visit the woods at night.

The darkness, broken only by headlamps, gives us the opportunity to pick up sounds and smells that you hardly notice during the day. Discover the Marcato, ancient shelters for flocks.

In the seaside area of Agrigento, in San Leone, rides and games for young and old.

There’s also summer fun in the Scivolandia Park, in Cammarata, in the province of Agrigento: wave pool, entertainment, group dances and many sports activities.

Punta Bianca Nature Reserve is an enchanted place where the blue of the sea blends with the sky and the white of the rock.

Also in Agrigento is the quad tour, suitable for young people, that goes through fascinating places: you’ll see the crystal clear see and pass through the hills of the Sicilian backcountry to the beautiful city.

The beautiful Sciacca and its Enchanted Garden by Filippo Bentivegna, a large garden full of faces carved into the stone, are worth a visit.

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