The climate and landscapes allow you to pursue many outdoor sports activities in Sicily, combining wellness and fun: you will be spoilt for choice.

If you love the sea, you can dive and snorkel, experiencing the thrill of contact with the most awe-inspiring fauna and flora and discovering the “Divers’ paradise” on the bottom of Ustica, in the heart of Italy’s first marine reserve. You will behold images and colour combinations that you thought were pure science fiction with your own eyes.

On the surface, however, the sea works together with the wind to playfully push you towards kitesurfing: try it in the beautiful setting of Stagnone in Marsala!

The Sicilian natural scenery offers an original and fully comprehensive solutions for any level of fatigue, for all ages and for previous background of physical activity, from those who want to get fit to those who want to push their limits. Choose between a walk with your children along the Trek&Kids and the extremes of climbing and ski mountaineering. There are challenges with a very wide range of difficulty levels, from golf, which you can play in both the west and east of Sicily, to a highly evocative bike trip, from a day spent feeling truly free on a sailing boat to a horseback ride on Etna or crossing the Argimusco.


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