Open Paths – Magna Via Francigena


An unexpected and probably unknown Sicily is the one that will be discovered on 13 April, travelling along a stretch of the Magna Via Francigena.

A Saturday morning at a slow pace to walk about 12 km of the fifth stage of the Via Magna Francigena to discover one of the main routes on the island that allowed trade and communication, from Palermo to Agrigento. It is a mix of panoramas and places steeped in history. The circular excursion will start from Castronovo di Sicilia at the foot of the Kassar plateau to then discover the ancient Mill Road that will reach Ponte Vecchio up to the Casale di San Pietro dating back to the Byzantine period located along the banks of the Platani river. After fording the river, we will reach the Capelvenere Caves, which excavated directly into the rock is believed to be a necropolis linked to the ancient Sicani people. The route will continue until reaching the “Colle San Vitale” Agricultural Cooperative, where the experience will be enriched by a tasting of local products of excellence. At the end of the tasting, the walk will resume to return to the starting point.


Ring (E)

Length: 12 km

Positive height difference: +450 mt

Duration: 7 hours

Open Paths is an event promoted by Viaggio Italiano.

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13/04/2024 00:00


13/04/2024 00:00