There are stories of men, perspectives, voices and hands that come together and, with commitment, give life to new hopes. They are the symbols of a Sicily that rises from its ashes.

Discover the Sicily that doesn’t give up.

The part of Sicily that does not want to be forgotten creates memorials.
Palermo Ecomuseum promotes projects related to shared social responsibility, participatory care of the territory and sustainable tourism. The local community plans cultural, touristic and educational initiatives.

A terrible earthquake destroyed the town of Gibellina. Today its existence echoes through the work of its rebirth: Burri’s Cretto. There is a part of Sicily that shouldn’t be forgotten and abandoned. In Favara, from the greyness of a neighbourhood destined to decay, Florinda and Antonio created the Farm Cultural Park. Today it is one of the world’s most vibrant cultural centres. With Fiumara d’Arte, Antonio Presti has proclaimed the salvific power of beauty, creating one of the largest and most evocative land art parks in Europe. The inhabitants of the small and enchanting Borgo Parrini transformed the town into one of the most evocative places on the island, a virtuous example of urban regeneration.

There is another part of Sicily that does not surrender to fate. It pursues its dreams and reaches for the stars. One example is the shepherd poet Lorenzo Reina, who shapes the Andromeda Theatre in Santo Stefano Quisquina with his bare hands.

We cannot mention the part of Sicily that does not surrender to the Mafia. With infinite gratitude for the men who gave their lives to protect their land, it keeps their memory alive and educates the new generations to fight with messages of peace.

Discover the beautiful stories that Sicily has to tell. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey that will enrich your soul: this is what committed tourism is all about.

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