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Because a journey can be also inside yourself…

Noma is an App conceived by the Association Sulle Nostre Gambe with the contribution of TIM and Teche Rai with aiming to remember all people killed by the Mafia.

Noma is a free App for smartphones and tablet, it is an Italian and English guide that leads you throughout the places where the Mafia attacks shook the Italian history since the 70s. It can be used wherever you are.  Its multimedia paths are narrated by the voices of some Sicilian celebrities, best known in the field of culture and entertainment like Pippo Baudo, Leo Gullotta, Ficarra & Picone, Nino Frassica, Beppe Fiorello, Luigi Lo Cascio and many others.

Throughout these itineraries around Palermo, you’ll discover the stories about: Antonino Agostino, Paolo Borsellino, Rocco Chinnici, Mauro De Mauro, Giovanni Falcone, Mario Francese, Giorgio Boris Giuliano, Libero Grassi, Carmelo Iannì, Pio La Torre, Piersanti Mattarella, Beppe Montana, Giuseppe Puglisi, Pietro Scaglione, Cesare Terranova. Coming soon: Filadelfo Aparo, Ninni Cassarà, Gaetano Costa, Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, Peppino Impastato, Paolo Giaccone, Calogero Zucchetto.

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Sulle Nostre Gambe is an association aiming to let know  the extraordinary example given by those who have sacrificed their lives in the fight against the Mafia. The purpose is to spread and promote the active knowledge of the stories related to all the people who have fought the Mafia and sacrificed their lives for it. Each story is illustrated with a digital animation, historical documents, cartoons, synthetic biographical notes, videos TG of that period, vintage shots and unpublished interviews with family members.

Thanks to a “view 360” mode, the App virtually guides you where the facts took place.

NOma Palermo - Antonino Agostino and Ida Castelluccio

NOma Palermo – Antonino Agostino and Ida Castelluccio

NOma Palermo also has a Pizzo-free section that includes the commercial activities that have chosen to fight the Mafia and joined the ” critical consumption ” promoted by Addiopizzo.

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