Urban Art Park Badia


Come and discover the Urban Art Park of Lentini, in the province of Syracuse, the largest in the area and among the largest in the region.

Born in 2017 as an experiment in co-creation and urban regeneration in the neighbourhood, the park intertwines its rebirth story with that of “Badia Lost & Found”, the organisation of the same name that, starting from a simple neighbourhood committee, has generated a new awareness around the values of art and cultural heritage.

An awareness that we also want to share with tourists and visitors, welcome guests of this reality.

This is why the Urban Art Park represents a virtuous example of “reactivation on a cultural basis”, where artistic activities are co-participated by citizens, both residents and temporary residents, with a view to frequenting, reviving and improving a historic district of Lentini.

Enjoying the park and getting to know what revolves around it is an experience that sheds new light on forgotten stories and places. A true urban art district, the district welcomes you with a series of works that are not just decorative elements but living testimonies of Lentini‘s past and present: Urban Art District “Badia Lost & Found” is in fact an interactive civic space and an open-air gallery, with more than 45 works created by local and international artists.

The district is waiting for you to spread together a new perspective on the regeneration destiny of historic centres and discover the other projects that Badia Lost & Found has already put in place for the wellbeing of the community.

More information on the Badia Lost & Found website.

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