An area of culture and relationships for all of us and for travelers to discover the real Palermo. The shared social responsibility, the participated care of the land and the community tourism work together for cultural, tourist and educational initiatives.

The eco-museum materials have been collected by means of the community work, photos and videos coming from the beautiful archives of CRICD, (Regional Centre for Catalogue and Documentation), the project Mare Negato and authors, artists and citizens of the city.

Ecomuseum means a community museum or territorial museum. Or, as Hugues De Varine says: it is an agreement where  a community commits itself to take care of a territory.

Palermo - SS.Salvatore - ph. Vincenzo Mallo

Palermo – SS.Salvatore – ph. Vincenzo Mallo

Video, audio and photographic installations tell “the agreement” still possible between Palermo and its own sea. It is a story realized by many testimonies, biographical stories, bits of city history, stories of places. Many families from Palermo took part with photos and videos, they told, in front of the videocamera or recorders, a story, a thought, a personal struggle or a wish linked to the sea of Palermo.

In the rooms of the eco-museum, therefore, there are many stories and voices telling the transformations of this problematic city, life and work of many people. They are proof of a living memory that points at future perspective. They will tell this important heritage to all, young and old people.

Mare Memoria Viva - Palermo by

Mare Memoria Viva – Palermo by

The relationship with the sea tells a lot about the city as it was, it is and how it could  be: many stories about resistance, travel, commerce, holidays, work. Also memories, faded photos, forgotten places, tales and postcards; there are sailors, dock workers, writers, poets, swimmers, fishermen, boatyard workmen, captains and sailors, people who go to the sea and people who always carry it inside wherever they are.

Ecomuseum - Palermo

ph. Ecomuseum – Palermo

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