Florinda and Andrea (she is a lawyer and he is a notary) decide one day to change their lives and to make their dream come true: transforming an entire neighborhood in the centre of Favara, town near Agrigento, in a lively modern work in progress art site.

So, after buying some houses in the old town they started with calling some architects to make rebuild them in a stylish way. Together with architects and bricklayers, the first artists come too.

Little by little this wonderful project starts to take shape. They begin with permanent exhibitions of paintings, photography, to go on with music events and cultural events of all kinds. It seemed an impossible dream to realize in Favara. But the positive energy of Florinda and Antonio has contaminated all the local inhabitants. Sharing the project with them was the crucial idea.

Farm Cultural Park, half an hour from the Valley of the Temples (Agrigento), is the sixth site in the world among the ten must-see destinations for those who love contemporary art, according to the classification of the English blog “Purple Travel”.

Farm is a reference point for artists and an art site for everyone.

There are seven courtyards, connected one to another. Seven white courtyards, in Arabic style. It’s a cultural park, in which you can find art galleries, photography exhibitions, music events, fantastic food and good wine to taste.