Sfinci di Ricotta


The Sfinci recipe is one of the oldest in Sicily. Sicilians, like all southerners, love to fry and, especially at Carnival, indulge themselves with a thousand delicious recipes. These sweets are small bites of leavened dough, fried in boiling oil.

There are several variations, some of these also include the addition of boiled potatoes in the dough, or nuggets of raisins or ricotta, without limits to the imagination! This is the most classic version, with a dough based only on water, sugar, flour and ricotta.

Try them, they are delicious!


500 grams of cottage cheese
200/250 grams of flour
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 eggs
1 sachet of baking powder


Put all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix with electric whisk or by hand until it reaches a firm consistency. Leave to rest for about 20 minutes. Then take the dough with the tip of a spoon and push it with your finger into a pan filled with boiling oil. Cook until golden. Sprinkle with sugar and serve hot.

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Duration of preparation


  • Ricotta: 500 g.

  • Sour: 200/250 g.

  • Sugar: 2 tablespoons

  • Eggs: 2

  • Baking powder: 1 sachet