Alicudi is the less well populated Island and one of the smallest of the Aeolian archipelago. It’s rough and wild, in the middle of a deep blue and crystal clear sea.
The characteristic lava rock gives it a mysterious, primordial and ancient appearance. Every place is impressive here.

There is no night life on this island, only the sound of the sea. Suitable for a relaxing stay in contact with nature and with real and honest people, as proud as their sea.

It doesn’t have a tourist port, it is only possible to access it by small and temporary harbours. It’s a rock that has only one bar and just one road that is lit with torches in the evening. The town, all crouched on top of the “rock”, offers a challenging climb to reach it.

The trip around the island can be made with canoes or boats, offering delightful gorges. We can definitively state that Alicudi is the ideal destination for a sea-rene holiday

Recommended: walking tour to the “Filo dell’Arpa”, trip to the “Scoglio della galera” and the “Timpone delle femmine”.