The island of Alicudi is the least inhabited and one of the smallest of the Aeolian Islands. It is rugged and wild in the middle of a deep blue and crystal clear sea.

The characteristic lava rock gives it a mysterious and ancient, almost primordial appearance. Here, every corner is striking, to say the least.

There is no nightlife on this island, only the voice of the sea. For this reason, it is a suitable destination for a restful stay, in contact with nature and with authentic, simple and straightforward people, as proud as its sea.

There is no marina, and it can only be reached by small temporary moorings. It is a rock with only one bar and a single road, along which, at night, you can shine torches. The village, nestled on top of the “rock”, offers a challenging climb to reach it.

The island can be circumnavigated in canoes or small boats to discover delightful ravines. All in all, Alicudi is the ideal destination for an all-sea holiday.

You can indulge in adventure by climbing craters or walking through unique landscapes, on foot or at donkey’s pace, is an experience that leaves a lasting impression. All the islands of the Aeolian archipelago lend themselves to being explored by following truly exciting trekking trails. At Alicudi, a climb to the Filo dell’Arpa, a trip to the Scoglio della galera and the Timpone delle femmine, are not to be missed!

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