Terrasini and Cinisi


We take you to Terrasini and Cinisi, two villages so close to each other that they almost touch, less than 50 minutes by car from the centre of Palermo.

Here you will find everything you could wish to experience during your free time: the sea and the mountains, beautiful beaches, a nature reserve, lookout towers, good food, lively folk traditions, a small marina, enchanting sunsets and views.

Not all sunsets are the same, and you will understand this immediately after seeing the sunset on the seafront in Terrasini, the last lights in the Capo Rama nature reserve, or the sunset from the sandy beach of Magaggiari in Cinisi.

Try a regenerating hike in the beautiful nature of Piano Margi, where the Cinisi cows graze, Pizzo Peluso, Montagna Longa, also ideal for motocross, and Pizzo Montanello, just above Cinisi. Or go mountain biking in the Capo Rama Nature Reserve, just a few kilometres from Terrasini.

In Terrasini, take time to discover the collections of the Henri d’Aumale Regional Museum of Natural History, one of Sicily’s must-see contemporary art stops, with its fascinating Permanent Exhibition of Sicilian Carts.

Grab your snorkelling mask and dive in front of the small island of Cala Rossa, so called because of the reddish streaks on the beautiful cliffs.

With its beaches, Terrasini is perfect for surfing and windsurfing, sailing, sup, kiteboarding and diving.

Terrasini’s main square, closed to traffic, is the ideal place for an aperitif, while Praiola beach awaits you for a nighttime swim. If you like to start the day with a jog, head to the seafront and you won’t regret it.

In nearby Cinisi, visit the Casa Memoria Peppino Impastato and hear the story directly from someone who knew Peppino Impastato. This experience is an inner journey that will help you understand the meaning of what we call engaged tourism.

Surfing on the Magaggiari beach, eating sandwiches made with local zero-mile products and buying fish at dawn from the fishermen at the small port are among the things you absolutely must try.

A dive into the past takes you to explore the watchtowers between Cinisi and Terrasini: Torre Molinazzo, Tonnara dell’Orsa and Torre Pozzillo.

Torre Capo Rama, at the end of the Capo Rama Oriented Reserve, is the only circular tower on the coast (all the others are square).

From Torre Alba, also in Terrasini near Cala Rossa, there is a breathtaking view. Here, impressive exhibitions and displays are often held.

These towers were part of the defence system of the coastal towers of Sicily to protect the Mediterranean coast from the incursions of Barbary and Ottoman corsairs. Later, the same towers were used to watch out for schools of tuna for the adjoining tuna fishery.

A few words also about the famous Cinisi cow: its milk is used to make fresh caciotta cheese, ricotta and Palermo caciocavallo, which is rich in flavour thanks to the fodder plants typical of the area of origin.

You should know that desserts are delicious in Cinisi and before leaving you must try u pizzettu di gelato: a piece of ice cream cake similar to the Sicilian cassata that was once sold in the streets as u scialacori ca v’arrifrisca, that is, the pleasure that refreshes!

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