Founded by the Greeks in the 8th century B.C., Milazzo, in the province of Messina, was the protagonist of the battle of the same name in 888.

Perfect for an excursion that combines nature and culture, the town of Milazzo welcomes you around its fortified citadel, the largest in Sicily, and the rest of the town lying on the sea.

Ready for a tour of Milazzo’s historic centre? Also known as Spanish Town, the old town stands on the panoramic hill overlooking the coast. A walk through the alleys reveals the artistic beauties of the village, such as its numerous churches, but above all introduces us up close to the Castle of Frederick Il.

The Arab-Norman fortress is still surrounded by the mighty Aragonese Wall, although its origins are much older. Did you know, for example, that Milazzo Castle was at the centre of the important Emirate of Sicily? Today it is a pleasure to admire the large circular towers, the donjon and the sumptuous portals leading to the inner rooms and courtyards.

The Bastione di Santa Maria houses the MUMA, the unmissable Milazzo Sea Museum. A space that narrates the intense relationship between the city and the sea with an exceptional protagonist: Siso, the large sperm whale skeleton symbolising the importance of nature conservation in the area.

Before leaving the citadel, we visit the Duomo Antico, whose construction dates back to 1608, based on a design by a pupil of Michelangelo, and differs from the Duomo Nuovo, which dates back to 1937. Still in the village, we encounter D’Amico Palace, one of the city’s most beautiful historical palaces, home to the Municipal Library and a number of Risorgimento relics that belonged to Giuseppe Garibaldi.

After a lunch break based on local delicacies, such as delicious fresh fish dishes, including stocco alla messinese and ghiotta bianca, we take a stroll along the seafront to discover the beaches of Milazzo.

The Baia del Tono is among the most beautiful on this stretch of coast, together with the “Piscina di Venere” Nature Reserve at Capo Milazzo, a protected marine area of great naturalistic value. From here you can embark on ferries to the Aeolian Islands.

Lastly, just outside the city, in Contrada Masseria, we recommend a visit to the characteristic Cuba di Milazzo, a cube-shaped building from the Byzantine era that today appears incorporated in the structure of a shopping centre but was once a monastic chapel, among the typical Sicilian cube of Middle Eastern origin.

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