• Sicily for all: accessible tourism

    We want to tell you something about a side of Sicily without barriers, a land able to welcome people and [...]

  • Grandma’s snack

    To discover the most genuine, exciting, unconventional Sicily, you should follow an Italian grandmother into the kitchen. There is her [...]

  • Sicily Street Food

    Sicilian street food is the traditional cuisine, prepared and consumed right in the streets. To better understand what experience Sicily [...]


    Tusa is the perfect tourist destination. It is a town of art, sea and mountains. Its characteristics blend, creating a [...]

  • Piana degli Albanesi

    Amidst the mills of the Trapani saltpans, you will feel as if you were in Holland. Wandering through the birch [...]


    Patti is a treasure chest that contains extremely precious jewels, and Tindari is the most valuable gem. Patti is one [...]

  • Modica

    Modica is surprising, elegant, and mysterious. The best way to explore this town is on foot. You can enjoy walking [...]

  • Marsala (Exploring the city centre)

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  • Trapani and Paceco salt pans

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