How about setting off on an adventure?  Warm, fresh wind in your face and gorgeous scents. All that a biker loves the most, as well as sitting in the saddle, you’ll find it in these seven routes which strictly avoid the fast roads, to head through landscapes and places with routes to “margherita” (as our author likes to say) some are based in Palermo and return the same day and others have a comfortable stay of one night or more in other places. The time depends on how much you will want to stop to take pictures, lounge around in a restaurant or simply stop to take a look around

itinerari in moto

Two of the seven routes provide for unpaved roads and because not all bikes are suitable, it is recommended to follow the notes of the individual programmes. For each route, in addition to the description, you are supplied with a road book, road map and useful information.

Download the PDF of the routes

Then get into the saddle and bon voyage! Remember to “switch on your headlights” when you come across another travelling motorcycle.

Please note: The booklet presents data relating to telephone numbers and addresses of accommodation facilities which, over time, are subject to change.