It's a volcano, Iddu, or Him – that's what the island's inhabitants call it. With its black volcanic beaches, Stromboli appears at sunset, when you can see the nocturnal eruptions on the side of the volcano from a boat: only by seeing them in person will you be able to grasp their real beauty.

Some say it’s a small paradise thanks to its tranquillity, its narrow streets, its white houses and its unspoilt nature. The ever-fuming volcano offers a special sight that, with its endless roaring, reminds us of the power of nature.

You’ll have to visit all the Aeolian Islands to choose your favourite one.

Remember you can’t leave the island without making the night-time climb, accompanied by a guide, to the Crater, a boat trip to Strombolicchio and Ginostra, with a mandatory stop at the Sciara del Fuoco.

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