Way of the Marian Shrines in the Nisi Ring


Those who love nature and wish to give space to their spirituality, particularly Marian devotion, can choose to walk the Way of the Marian Shrines in the Nisi Ring, in the province of Messina.

The Way of the Marian Shrines in the Nisi Ring is a privileged way to discover the religious, historical and cultural values of the Nisi Valley, allowing pilgrims, visitors and tourists to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, villages and traditions of the area.

This is a ring-route of about 28 km, connecting the Maria Ausiliatrice Shrine in Alì Terme to the Maria SS. Annunziata Shrine in Fiumedinisi. It is defined as “ring-route” because, through ancient communication routes and where there are no alternatives (e.g. state, provincial and municipal roads), it makes it possible to return to the starting point.

The route is structured in 3 stages that cross 4 municipalities, so that part of the day is dedicated to walking and the rest to visiting the villages, facilitating slow and experiential enjoyment, meditation and prayer, as well as visits to historical and monumental buildings and churches.

The starting point of the Way of the Marian Shrines in the Ring of the Nisi is the municipality of Alì Terme, whose name derives from the ancient presence of the Granata Baths. Here stands the Shrine of Maria Ausiliatrice, which houses the mortal remains of Mother Maddalena Morano. The cult of Our Lady Help of Christians, much felt in these parts, is celebrated on 24 May with a large procession.

The second stage passes through the municipality of Alì, on the slopes of the Peloritani Mountains, for a visit to the Cathedral of Sant’Agata, in late Renaissance style. From here it continues on to Fiumedinisi, which stands on the right bank of the torrent and hosts the Shrine of Maria SS. dell’Annunziata, a place of Marian worship and major festivities.

The third and last stop on the circuit dedicated to the Marian Shrines of the Nisi is Nizza di Sicilia, with the Church of S. Giovanni Battista. From this point, it is only a kilometre in the direction of Messina to return to the starting point (the Shrine of Maria Ausiliatrice of Alì Terme).

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