Horse trail in the Sicani Mountains


If you are in the area of the Sicani Mountains and you feel like a short but intense horseback ride, this one is the route just right for you. The trail runs for 7 kilometres at an altitude of 600/700 metres and is of low to medium difficulty. Many of the roads are old mule tracks that are still practicable. We recommend using protective equipment such as boots, gaiters and a helmet. The best time for these walks is in spring or early autumn. So, let’s get in the saddle and go!

The route starts 15km northeast of the centre of the Sicani Mountains Park, near the small town of Prizzi. At an altitude of some 700 metres, we find the beautiful Lake Prizzi.

The lake has an artificial origin, like most Sicilian lakes. It was built in the 1940s to water the area, and it feeds the river Sosio. The nature in the area is lush. We will walk through forests of holms, downy oaks and oak trees.

5 km from Lake Prizzi, we reach the source of the River Sosio. The panorama overlooks endless meadows, torrents, valleys and large gorges. Because of its natural and morphological features, the river Sosio is part of the Monti di Palazzo Adriano e Valle del Sosio Oriented Nature Reserve. More than 60 birds species live in this area, and among the ash, pine and maple trees, we may see kites, golden eagles, hawks and other species flying. Once you reach the spring, take time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the place and the river’s refreshing waters.

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