Coronavirus Sicilia. What to do

The "Coronavirus Sicily: What to do" section of Sicilian Region [...]

Coronavirus Sicilia. What to do2021-06-09T11:20:45+02:00


The appenine Madonie range mountains, in Palermo, links twenty one [...]



County capital, Modica has been one of the historical and [...]


See Sicily Voucher program

SEE SICILY Voucher is a program which aims to support [...]

See Sicily Voucher program2021-05-26T18:51:33+02:00

Sicily to your home

Awaiting for pleasure is also a pleasure... (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing) This [...]

Sicily to your home2020-06-18T17:33:37+02:00

Santa Maria La Scala

Santa Maria la Scala is a fishing village clinging to [...]

Santa Maria La Scala2020-10-15T11:28:21+02:00

Vie Francigene of Sicily

They are called the Vie Francigene of Sicily and, like the [...]

Vie Francigene of Sicily2020-06-18T17:34:22+02:00

Vie Sacre Sicilia network

“When I left for Santiago I was not looking for [...]

Vie Sacre Sicilia network2020-06-18T17:34:22+02:00

Holy week in Enna

The Holy Week of Enna is one of the most [...]

Holy week in Enna2020-06-18T17:34:36+02:00


“Caltagirone, high above the hill that swirls up to heaven...[...]” [...]

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