Sicily to your home


Awaiting for pleasure is also a pleasure… (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

This is a time of waiting, a necessary time  for our safety and our health, for our loved ones and for everyone’s sake.

We can still make the best of this time staying safe at home.  Let’s take care of ourselves doing all those things that we have neglected. It’s time to enjoy a good reading, to listen to music, to watch a good movie and, why not? It is time to make plans, to look to the future and to plan for next holiday.
When this is all over, we’ll crave for sun, for running along a sandy beach,eager to swim into a blue sea, to explore a volcano, to get lost into the alleys of an ancient village or among ancient stones narrating us evidence of the past, to fill our eyes and hearts with beauty… We’ll need Sicily!

So,for now  sit back,relax and discover Sicily from home.When we’re  able to travel again we’ ll be ready and waiting to welcome you. Take notes, get inspired!

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