Sicily is the perfect and unique destination for those who want to spend a holiday surrounded by art, history and culture.

Let’s discover the cities and small towns of Sicily. Noto is the capital of Sicilian Baroque. In Caltagirone, we will be surprised by the blaze of colours of its ceramics. Syracuse is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a walk through its streets will take you back in time. In Modica, the Duomo di San Giorgio’s great beauty (the Baroque icon in Sicily) will leave you speechless. In Marsala, you can admire the most beautiful sunset in the world, which makes the atmosphere of the Stagnone surreal. We then arrive in Piana degli Albanesi, a tiny Albania in the heart of Sicily, ready to welcome you with its lake teeming with life.

You will get to know such a wide and varied territory that you may wonder whether you are still in the same Region. Sicily seems to be the gateway to another dimension. Heaven and hell make peace in the Etnean landscape. Gods and nymphs weave love stories, unbridled passions and jealousies through forests, rivers and springs. But don’t forget to visit the smaller islands.

In Lipari, you can taste the worldwide famous Malvasia. Panarea is the most exclusive and popular destination. You can explore the Island of Alicudi on the back of a donkey. Don’t miss visiting the characteristic Island of Vulcano, renowned for its mud baths. Stromboli is pyrotechnical, while, in Salina, you can see the home of the poet Neruda, set of Massimo Troisi’s unforgettable movie “Il Postino”.

Then there are the Egadi Islands, Pantelleria, Ustica, Linosa and Lampedusa. They are all surrounded by a wonderful sea, and each Island has its palette of reflections, from deep blue to the turquoise sky. You will be completely captivated by the colours and atmosphere of these places.

There is too much to see, and it is hard to choose where to start. Do not waste time then: get ready to go. Sicily is waiting for you!

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