In Sicily, you can visit the majestic volcano Etna, the Valley of the Temples, the Greek Theatre of Taormina and the one of Syracuse. You can learn more about Quasimodo, Verga, Il Gattopardo and the Rape of Persephone. Close your geography, science and art history books. Forget everything you learned at school and get ready to live a new experience.

You can follow the verses and passages of the greatest writers in world literature, from Sciascia to Camilleri, from Tomasi di Lampedusa to Pirandello. Travel along the literary routes that will lead you to discover an unusual side of Sicily.

Discover the roots of the fascinating myths and legends. These stories take inspiration from an extraordinary nature whose shapes and colours influenced the course of history itself. All tales reveal one truth: Sicily has always been a place loved by the Gods.

Travelling through Sicily, you can learn what rare botanical wonders live around the island. You can visit corners of paradise such as the Bioparco di Sicilia, or you can choose to follow the footsteps of Charles V around Sicily’s most beautiful cities. Spend some time watching hundreds of colourful kites soar through the sky, then taste and discover the history of real Aztec chocolate.

Travelling is the best way to learn something new and unique about Sicily.


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