When you visit Sicily, you will discover that it is an amazing open-air spa. Sicily offers a wide range of natural treatments to regenerate the body and mind.

Getting in touch with nature, being surrounded by trees, makes us feel better. Venturing out on a trekking trip, walking through the woods, is the best way to get away from the city chaos.
Sicily is also criss-crossed by wide wooded areas that offer a variety of enchanting landscapes and colours that change with the seasons.
You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Feeling adventurous? Take a bath in the icy waters of the Catafurco Waterfall in the Nebrodi Park, the Alcantara Gorges or the Tiberio Gorges in the Madonie Park. It will be rejuvenating. The waterfalls produce a natural energising massage that gives vitality, invigorates the body and mind and relieves stress.

The Stagnone Natural Reserve in Marsala is a place of crystal-clear beauty. Walking along the salt marshes, you arrive at special pools, the water here is three times saltier than the sea water. Because of its properties, the salt bath is a fabulous remedy against water retention and cellulite imperfections. Soak in the salty water and then lie on the salt crust, let the sun kiss you and relax. All the troubles in your life will disappear.

Sicily is your perfect destination with its natural thermal facilities, that are among the finest in Italy.

A list of the most popular spa resorts on Sicily.

In the province of Trapani, between Alcamo and Castellammare del Golfo, you will find the Segesta Thermal Baths (Terme Sagestane). A few kilometers from the archaeological site of Segesta, set in fabulous countryside, the waters of the Terme di Gorga reach a temperature of 52°C.
In Montevago, in the province of Agrigento, are the famous Terme Acqua Pia and the nearby Terme di Sciacca, also known as the “Stufe di San Calogero“.
In Termini Imerese, in the province of Palermo, you can find thermal baths that date back to the time of the Carthaginians when the city was founded.
In the province of Messina, in Alì Terme there is the Sorgente Marino, where the waters flow at the perfect bathing temperature of 39°C. While the Terme di Venere, in Terme Vigliatore, the sulphurous waters flow at a pleasant 34°C.
You can also visit thermal baths on the island of Pantelleria.
The Grotta di Benikulà is a natural sauna made up of an external area with 6 stone seats and an indoor part with steams that reach a perfect 40°C . The sauna is free of charge, all you need is a swimming costume, slippers and a towel.
The thermal source in the Mirror of Venus Lake flows at a temperature of 50°C to 60°C . According to the myth, Venus loved to look at herself reflected in its crystal-clear waters before meeting Bacchus. In this sulphurous lake lives an algae that can withstand high temperatures and creates the precious greenish-black natural mud. The smell of sulphur is intense, but spreading the mud on the skin gives the effect of a miraculous natural scrub. The wellness tour on the island of Pantelleria includes the natural baths of Cala Gadir. Here you can find tubs carved in the rock and the temperature ranges between 40° and 55°C. A medicinal plant grows on the walls of the pools that heals sinus infections, colds and small respiratory problems. This place was already in use during Phoenicians times.
The Grotta di Sateria (from the Greek word for ‘health’) is an incredible place, famous for its thermal water springs and for an old legend. It was here that Ulysses met the goddess Calypso.
The ceiling of the cave is made of pumice stone, while the floor is made of bricks. The water reaches 40° C and flows into two pools, one of them is connected to the sea.
The thermal waters of Cala Nikà flow from the cliff and mingle with the sea water. They reach a temperature between 85°C and 100°C. The water also runs into small natural pools where you can have a bath and enjoy the therapeutic benefits. The cliffs can be reached by land, through a long and steep path. Diving and snorkelling lovers can choose whether to arrive by boat or to swim.

Attention, before setting off, we always recommend checking that the places are accessible and open to the public.
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