Vie Sacre Sicilia


"I was looking for nothing when I set out for Santiago de Compostela, and I found it". This phrase, written by Jean-Christophe Rufin, really gives us hope that everyone will find something useful on their own personal journey.

Vie Sacre Sicilia is a network of walkers, associations, hiking guides and pilgrims who have together devised the Cammini Sacri in Sicilia, walks along pilgrim routes inspired by the Cammino di Santiago de Compostela or the Via Francigena.

Each of them has created a path for others to follow. These walks or hikes, call them what you will, are open to all. The aim is that each walker will experience them in his or her own way: there’s no presumption that you’re going in search of something specific. The road and the experience will themselves help you find what you’re looking for.

Walks, hikes and pilgrimages: there are events and opportunities for walking on the Sicilian trails all year round, for both raising awareness and for sharing

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