Salaparuta on Sicily, the birthplace of Jazz

Did you know that Jazz was born in Sicily?

Those who really love music should plan a trip to Sicily. Salaparuta, near Trapani, is the perfect destination, considered to be the birthplace of jazz.

Jazz further developed in New Orleans, Louisiana, but it has its roots in Salaparuta. The musician Renzo Arbore made Italian jazz famous. In his documentary ‘From Palermo to New Orleans… and it was immediately jazz’, he showed all his enthusiasm when he discovered that Sicily has this record as well.

Jazz is in the soul of Sicilian people. They have a natural leaning towards Jazz. Nick La Rocca was the first jazz musician in history. He was born in New Orleans in 1889, but his father was an immigrant from Salaparuta. Nick inherited a passion for music from him. Nick played the cornet in the Bersaglieri fanfare. Nick’s fame grew when he became the leader of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, the group that recorded the first jazz album in history and also inspired the great Louis Armstrong.
The Nick La Rocca Research Center of Salaparuta has been organizing festivals, involving jazz music lovers from all over the world.

Salaparuta is also known worldwide today because of the fabulous wineries on the island founded by the Duke of Salaparuta, of the Alliata family, in the early 19th century.

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