• Rice zeppole

    Sicilian rice zeppole (a sweet treat originating in Catania) are rice fritters invented by the nuns of the Benedictine Monastery [...]

  • Ski mountaineering

    Etna, the roof of the Mediterranean, with its 3340 m height, majestically dominates the north-eastern part of the island, and [...]

  • The Carnival in Sicily

    The Carnival in Sicily has very ancient origins; it is the feast of abundance and binge eating before the Lent [...]

  • Sciacca

    Sciacca: the sea and a thousand years of history. Let us try to tell its story. To the east, the imposing [...]

  • Festival of Santa Lucia in Syracuse

    The festivities in Syracuse in honour of Santa Lucia begin as early as the afternoon of 30 November with a [...]

  • The Tea House

    The Tea House is a cultural association dedicated to the cultivation, transformation, promotion and enhancement of tea and its traditions. [...]

  • Shopping and Crafts

    Here’s a quick tour of shopping crafts in Sicily. It's easy to find old artisan workshops in Sicily, the custodians [...]

  • Novara di Sicilia

    An aura of mystery surrounds the creation of Novara di Sicilia, one of Italy's most beautiful villages, about 70 kilometres [...]

  • Cannoli Siciliani

    Cannoli siciliani are the most typical Sicilian confectionery product. They were originally carnival desserts, but have long been made all [...]