A recent ranking, compiled by the American network Virtual Tourist, placed Palermo in 5th place among the best producers of “street food” in the world.

Il Capo – ph Marta Mannarano

Today the street food tour is a must along with the tour of the ancient Palermo markets: Vucciria, Ballarò, Capo and Borgo Vecchio, now the focus of Palermo’s movida or nightlife scene.

Ballarò - Ph. Valerio Casari

Ballarò – Ph. Valerio Casari

It is a quick and easy way (generally a morning tour or a tour by night) to pass through a couple of millennia of history, art, aromas, flavours and different civilizations.

Traditional market: Il Capo – ph. Marta Mannarano

In Palermo’s side street, you can find  all kind of goods: among stalls filled with colorful merchandise, the Palermitans often use to eat on the street cooked food to spit with their hands.

Pane panelle e crocché - Ph. M. Mannarano

Pane panelle e crocche – Ph. M. Mannarano

Pane panelle e crocchè (cazzilli) fritters, arancine (rice croquettes), carduna, cacuocciuli e vruocculi (thistles, artichokes and broccoli fried in butter), milinciani fritte (fried eggplant),  pesce cicireddu (fried little fish), sfinciuni (a type of pizza), pane con la milza (bread with spleen),

Sfincionello - ph. M. Mannarano

Sfinciuni – ph Marta Mannarano

stigghiola (grilled skevered lamb or goat innards), polpo bollito (boiled octopus),  sea food, babbaluci boiled and seasoned snails,

Panino con frittola - Ph. M. Mannarano

Street food – ph Marta Mannarano

Babbaluci - Ph M. Mannarano

Babbaluci – ph Marta Mannarano

boiled corn cobs, slices of cedars served with salt, slices of watermelons, prickly pears and roasted chestnuts are just some of the treats available here – thanks to wich Palermo has justly earned its name as one the street-food capitals of the world.

Roasted chestnuts - Ph I. Mannarano

Roasted chestnuts – Ph I. Mannarano

Palermo street food. To find out more, read the book: Markets and street food