Discovering the places of Montalbano TV series


Have you ever imagined walking side by side with Inspector Montalbano? In this route, we will stroll through the places featured in the fiction and let our imaginations run wild.

Let’s start with Scicli.

Walking through the streets of the town centre, we will be dazzled by the white baroque architecture. We can easily recognise the Vigata police station (in reality, the Town Hall of Scicli) in Mormino Penna Street.

On the same street we will spot other views taken in the fiction: from the Church of San Michele to the old Cartia pharmacy, from the Church of Santa Teresa to Palazzo Spadaro (the office of the mayor of Vigata). Let’s now move on to Piazza Italia and the Cava di San Bartolomeo. These locations are frequently filmed in the series. Every view of the town will remind us of the fiction.

Proceeding to the seaside resorts of Scicli, we reach Donnalucata and Sampieri. Donnalucata in the movie is the Marinella seafront. In Sampieri instead, you will recognise the Mànnara. During summer, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea and, if you love the nightlife, stop by in the evening and get in with the crowds.

Moving south-east we arrive in Ispica. Here we can visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, the Loggiato del Sinatra, and, not far away, the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata: these places are featured in several episodes of the series. An escape to the wild beaches of the coastline will lead us to discover another place featured in the fiction: the coves of Punta Cirica. A swim in these crystal-clear waters is almost a must.

We now return northwards, to Modica. When Livia arrives in Vigata by bus, the Inspector picks her upright here, at the Duomo di San Giorgio, which is an impressive Baroque structure. The church overlooks a hanging garden where Dr Pasquano’s house is set. Now you can go down to “ Lower Modica” and walk along Corso Umberto I: once here we will recognise the Tommaso Campailla High School and the Cultural Palace. Both of these sites appear in the fiction.

In Ragusa Ibla, you can visit the stunning Cathedral of San Giorgio and its square. Close to Piazza Duomo there’s the Circolo di Conversazione, where Montalbano often meets Doctor Pasquano. Get lost in the narrow streets of Ragusa Ibla: every view will seem familiar.

Heading down towards the sea, we come across the house of Balduccio Sinagra, the boss of the tv fiction. His house is the magnificent Castello di Donnafugata.

Proceeding towards Puntasecca you will find Montalbano’s famous house, with its stunning terrace overlooking the horizon. Here you can also see the famous restaurant Enzo a Mare.
Take some time to enjoy the sea where the Inspector likes to swim and wait until the water turns red at sunset.

…Don’t you feel as if you have met Inspector Montalbano in the flesh?

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