Palermo International Marathon


On 19 November 2023, Palermo will host the 28th edition of the International Marathon: a historic and highly enriching event where runners from all over the world mix sport with culture and art. On top of being a high-level competitive sporting event, it’s also a unique opportunity to discover the City’s great cultural and architectural heritage.

There are three types of competitive races: the classic 42 km Marathon, the 21 km Half Marathon and the Relay Marathon. The route will wind its way through the streets of the historical centre, one of the largest and richest in Europe. Massimo Theatre, Quattro Canti, the Cathedral, Piazza Politeama, Viale della Libertà, the inner courtyard of the Norman Palace, Favorita Park and the Palazzina Cinese stand out as true stars on a stage of supreme excellence.

Ample space will also be allocated to associations promoting sports, running and physical well-being. Information corners will be reserved for them inside the expo, and of course, they will be able to participate in a non-competitive ‘walk’, which has always been a bonding and joyous event.

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