Vittorio Emanuele Theatre – Messina


From the Munizione Theatre (1827) to the Vittorio Emanuele Royal Theatre (1900), the glorious history of this venue tells an important cross-section of the city’s entire history. The 18th-century building takes its name from the large room where ammunition was stored before the new theatre was planned. Its current appearance, the result of numerous transformations over time, makes it the largest in Sicily in terms of capacity.

The three-arched entrance portal is characterised by the large marble sculpture by Messina sculptor Saro Zagari depicting Time Discovering Truth and Messina, while the gem to be admired inside is the ceiling fresco by Renato Guttuso, enchanting everyone with the legend of Colapesce.

In addition to the main hall, the theatre offers the collected beauty of the Sala Laudamo and the reading and reference space open to the public of the Paolo Magaudda Library, a precious historical archive of musical documents.

Alongside the varied annual season, which ranges from prose to concerts, the theatre is home to the annual Messina International Clarinet Competition.

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