Politeama Garibaldi Theatre – Palermo


Conceived in 1859 as a “basic need” of the people of Palermo, the Politeama Garibaldi was built a few years later, designed by engineer Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda. A monumental symbol of the modern city, which also appealed to a popular audience, it was inaugurated in 1891 on the occasion of the great National Exhibition in Palermo.

It can be recognised from afar by the unmistakable bronze equestrian group, the work of Mario Rutelli, “pawing” at the top of the main entrance, a Napoleonic triumphal arch in keeping with the taste of the time. Entering this “theatre of the people”, which recalls the structure of the Roman Pantheon, we are greeted by a horseshoe-shaped hall with two rows of boxes and a large gallery.

Today the Teatro Politeama Garibaldi is the home of the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana Foundation and offers a rich annual season that we invite you to discover.

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