Vulcano Aeolian Islands

When you arrive in Vulcano, one of the 7 islands,  you are suddenly greeted by the acrid smell of sulphur. Don’t worry, you’ll immediately get used to it and you’ll miss it when you leave the island.

The first thing to do is hiking the crater, where you can enjoy a really amazing view. From here you can get a complete view of the island and of the other 6 sisters!


A view from Vulcano – ph. Roberta Iannì

And if the sky is clear you will be able to see the Tyrrhenian coast of Messina very well.

Initially the trail may look difficult but, with a little patience and slowly, but surely, you will reach the top of the volcano without getting too tired. Just avoid the hottest hours and don’t forget to wear on a proper footwear and to take a good amount of water. Take also a pair of trekking poles if you can….they’ll come in handy


Scalata al cratere Vulcano – ph robianni

For your tour around the island, you can choose to hire one of the available vehicles such as bicycles, kayaks, quads, Mini-Mokes or even a cab.

Soakin in the thermal waters of the mud baths (called Laghetto dei Fanghi in Italian) will relax you, while your skin will be grateful.

The therapeutic mud

The therapeutic mud – ph. Mannarano

Things to do: a walking tour to Vulcanello, Cape Grillo, and to the Grand Crater; an island boat tour with stops at the Grotta del cavallo and at Vulcano Gelso; a visit to the alum caves and to Levante Bay that will amaze you with its fumaroles and the hot underwater springs for the Island mud baths  having excellent therapeutic effects.

Vulcano black beach - ph robianni

Vulcano black beach – ph robianni


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