Termini Imerese


Visit Termini Imerese, in the province of Palermo.

The thermal baths here are very old, dating back to the foundation of the city of Thermai in 407 BCE by the Carthaginians, on the top of a cliff with a view of the magnificent bay. It then became a Roman colony and, around the fortified rock, turned into a large and prosperous city with a large spa. It’s said Hercules used to get into shape by using the healthful waters of Thermae Himerenses.

The current spa was built in the seventeenth century, on the ruins of the previous spa. In the nineteenth century, the Grand Hotel delle Terme was joined to the new building as a neoclassical project by Damiani Almejda. It was the favourite destination of the nobility and the upper bourgeoisie of Palermo and, among other things, it was the operational headquarters of Ignazio Florio at the time of the legendary race on the Madonie, the Targa Florio.

The ancient Roman aqueduct Cornelius also stands as evidence for this. The springs, which are volcanic, are hyperthermal and flow at a temperature of almost 43 °C. These waters have many benefits, perfect for bathing, mud therapy and various other treatments!
After bathing at the spa, you’ll visit the beautiful town, Termini, which has an ancient history and was founded by the survivors of the battle of the ancient Himera destroyed by the Carthaginians, whose remains are preserved in the nearby Archaeological Park. Among the sights to see, don’t miss the seventeenth century cathedral, San Nicola di Bari, the Villa Comunale with the remains of the Roman Curia, the Roman Amphitheatre and historic streets and alleyways in the Rocchicelle district. The Civic Museum preserves examples from the Roman period, with mosaics, imperial portraits, statues and stone lion heads from the Tempio della Vittoria di Himera.
The Motoring Museum and Targa Florio are also of great interest.

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