Spending Christmas in Sicily is the best way to experience the charm of new and exciting discoveries while soaking up the warm climate that is unique to this island. Christmas is the perfect occasion to enjoy the typical gastronomic wonders that Sicily has to offer in the beautiful ambiance of a typical Italian trattoria or restaurant. During Christmas Eve or at dinner on Christmas Day, there is an abundance of ‘u piscistoccu a ghiotta, i crispeddi c’anciova, and cassata or cannoli with ricotta cheese. You can spot them in the windows of homemade pastry shops and they characterise every traditional menu. Venture out into the winter landscape where you can admire the stunning colours and work off those calories. Take long walks and get lost in the wild, dense forests with secret clearings and beautiful lakes. Marvel at the snowy peak of Enna with its magmatic heart.

Soak up the view of the sea glinting in the sunlight before heading downhill on your skis or snowboard. You can slalom from the ski resorts on Mount Etna at the centre of the Etna Park to Piano Battaglia in the Madonie Mountains. Sicily has it all. It is also possible to go snowshoeing on the Nebrodi and when the temperature drops below zero, you can find yourself in the middle of a surreal postcard, with Lake Maulazzo completely frozen.

The intimate and spiritual traditions are what makes the Christmas atmosphere in Sicily so special. One of the most evocative festivals in December is celebrated in Syracuse in honour of Santa Lucia. Part of the patronal celebrations include the preparation of cuccìa, a typical dessert made from boiled wheat and ricotta or milk cream.

Moments including the Novena, celebrated in the early hours of the morning, make Christmas an occasion of catharsis and rebirth. The small villages in Sicily are the guardians of a hidden and rare beauty and they conceal treasures of priceless value. In the heart of the villages you will experience the well known hospitality of the inhabitants and discover the artisan shops with their niche products. Here you can easily come across living or traditional nativity scenes, in miniature or life-sized, set up in the squares and alleyways.

Christmas in Sicily offers the perfect opportunity to go shopping in the decorated main streets of the cities. Via Roma in Palermo, Corso Italia in Catania, and Viale San Martino in Messina are some of the most famous locations. While out of town, the large shopping centres are the favourite destination for those who shun the city traffic. The main places of cultural interest in Sicily including the theatres and museums offer spectacular seasonal events and concerts.

Sicily offers you endless opportunities to create magical memories to cherish forever. Enjoy moments of carefree beauty in Sicily, the jewel in the Med.

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