Sacred journeys – faith as a destination


Holidays taking you away from crowded places and daily stress are becoming more and more popular; where mind and body can be restored, or even meditation. Excursions in places where nature and silence are the main protagonists along with monasteries, hermitages and sanctuaries; where you can find religious recollection retracing the paths of Saints and the Blessed, and a lay moment of serenity. Sicily can offer you an interesting network of religious paths enabling you to discover, alone or with local naturalistic associations, shining as small unknown pearls

The religious Paths are those walked by pilgrims since ancient times, now becoming popular tourist routes. Some are some tens of kilometres long, others hundreds.

We can offer you a choice of great routes along the ancient Francigena ways or along religious paths. Historical paths and the most beautiful ones for those wanting to travel around Sicily on foot.

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