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L’Abbraccio, an exhibition by Igor Mitoraj, from 24 July to 31 October 2022 with some of the most important works of the great artist exhibited for the first time simultaneously in three extraordinary places of art and culture, famous all over the world, such as Noto, Villa Romana del Casale and the historic city of Piazza Armerina.

In the archaeological area of ​​the late imperial era, Villa Romana del Casale, you can admire the world premiere of the work “LUCI DI NARA II”, a sculpture that is part of the oriental vein of the Maestro’s artistic career.

The municipalities of these sites declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site have decided to set up this exhibition to express a message of hope and regeneration, after the health emergency that has called into question the conditions and lifestyles worldwide. Sicily, which has always been a meeting place for Mediterranean civilizations, is fertile ground to welcome and enhance Mitoraj’s poetics and artistic expressiveness.

“The embrace” is the leitmotif of the exhibition that highlights the profound value of the interrelation between individuals, between different cultures and deep historical roots, which we find in the beauty of Sicilian Baroque and in the splendor of the Roman mosaics of Villa Romana del Casale. The message of contemporaneity of these 15 Mitoraj masterpieces on display is in tune with the breath of ancient culture, in an embrace that strengthens the sense of belonging of the communities, marks the possible new trajectories for the future, and a new awareness for tomorrow. .

The sculptures recall the classical heroes and gods, brought back by the artist to the contemporary dimension of human suffering and the vocation for beauty and harmony with nature. Busts, severed heads, ancient warriors recalled to demonstrate their humanity and “embrace” with civilization. Heroes no longer forgotten along with their immortal beauty.

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