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  • Wonderful sea in Sicily

    A quick look at the many beaches and coves, in the wonderful sea of ​​Sicily, amazing for the transparency and richness of the colors. Wishing to show you just some of the highlights of this incredible island, we can start with the south coast from Capo Passero of [...]

Terrasini and Cinisi

Come with us to Terrasini and Cinisi, two small  villages so close as to touch [...]

Pantelleria Island

No-one can mention Pantelleria without telling about its sea, with its rich fishing seabeds, its [...]

Accessible Beaches

Throughout Sicily, looking for handicap accessible beaches as well, to enjoy a beautiful holiday by [...]

Diving and snorkeling

In Sicily, just beneath  the water surface, an unexpected, beautiful world waits  for you,  a [...]

Naturism in Sicily

Love for ecology, harmonious contact with nature, philosophy of living, curiosity or a simple experience [...]

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