There is increasing demand for holidays that take us away from crowded places and daily stress, where the body and mind can find rest and meditation.

Excursions lead us to places where nature and silence reign, with monasteries, hermitages and shrines where it is possible to find religious devotion by retracing the paths of Saints and beatified people, as well as a secular moment of serenity.

The Sacred Paths are routes that have been travelled by pilgrims since ancient times, and have now become itineraries with great attraction for tourists. Some are a few dozen kilometres long, others hundreds. Discover the itineraries along the ancient roads of the Via Francigena or along the most beaten religious paths, and get ready to walk through the most enchanting places in Sicily.

Sicily is ready to offer an interesting network of religious routes that allow you to discover bright gems that are still little known, alone or with the help of local nature associations.