Some treasures do not need to be touched to perceive their rarity. However, in this triangular and evocative region, you will constantly come across the signs left by history, the passage of man and his creativity.

Get ready to discover how Sicily can amaze you. Sicily will surprise you when you least expect it. As you stroll along the streets, you will come across the works of contemporary street art: it is intense, immediate and universal. Looking out, over the infinity of the Sicilian hinterland, from the Andromeda Theatre, you will see a mystical and ancestral place. You will feel like floating in sidereal space. You have the chance to visit artisan’s workshops, guardians of traditions handed down from father to son.

Some customs are very ancient, such as the working of obsidian or the unique and precious Mediterranean coral. These traditions keep alive arts and knowledge of inestimable value, they are World Heritage Site. This heritage also includes the Sicilian puppets, protagonists of the Opera dei Pupi. Or the art of dry stone walls that embellish landscapes with their ancient beauty.

And what about archaeological sites? Of Sicily’s 7 UNESCO sites, some are among the most beautiful archaeological sites of all time. Examples, Pantalica, the Valley of the Temples and the magnificent Theatre of Taormina. They all bear witness to a glorious past in bright colours just waiting to be discovered. In Sicily, you will find countless places of culture, beautiful theatres and museums, artistic routes and endless opportunities to breathe in art en plein air. You will cherish this journey in the depths of your heart, along with your most precious memories.


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