Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini di Catania

The Teatro Massimo “Vincenzo Bellini” was opened the 31st of May 1890, with the representation of  “Norma”, masterpiece of the “Swan” (That was how locals used to call Vincenzo Bellini).

In a general size of majesty and best elegance, the room is charming, with on the ceiling  its sumptuous frescoes referring  to the four main plays of the illustrious composer.

According to some specialized reviews, the “Bellini” holds the best acoustical in  the whole word thanks to the combining of a reccurring architectural feature, the classical horse shoe shape, and three attributes: the territorial basis, a prehistorical  lava flow   offering  a great echo chamber, the Amenano flowing underneath, which gives uniformity to the sound, and the bas-relief engravings, not only simple decorations, but operational for a  perfect distribution of the sound waves.

Absolutely stunning, its Baroque Façade.

Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini – ph. Paolo Barone

Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini di Catania

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