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Sperlinga (Enna) is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: entering into the heartland of Sicily is not a mystical or figurative operation.

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Sicilian hinterland

The Sicilian hinterland, the real kernel of the island, is little known. Here, you can easily get in touch with people in a natural and

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Italy’s most beautiful villages in Sicily

The Sicily less known and, maybe, more authentic. Beautiful places, rich in history and local culture, where lifestyle is just what we all want. Here

Events throughout the year

Calendario ufficiale Eventi 2017 – Allegato A (D.A. n° 3220 del  5.12.16) Si consiglia di verificare le date in prossimità degli eventi

Provincia di Agrigento

6 febbraio –

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1 – The infinite Rocca di Cerere

There are views after views. Enna, the highest capital in Europe, will enchant you thanks to the beauty of the

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