Festival of Santa Rosalia Palermo


For anyone who wishes to discover the true soul of Sicily, the extraordinary combination of faith, joy, sacred mystery plays, the victory of life over death and the collective celebration of identity, the u fistinu of Santa Rosalia is an unmissable opportunity!

The celebrations in honor of the  Saint recal the miracle of the liberation of the city from the plague of 1624.

July 14th is the day with greater popular participation, day of faith and liberation, with great scenery, the long procession of the cart that lasts until night, the variety of street food, and the fireworks displays.

On the 15th the religious devotion prevails, with the great procession of the relics of the Saint along the Cassaro, preceded by the Confraternities and followed by the devout people.

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10/07/2023 09:00


15/07/2023 00:00




Arcidiocesi di Palermo - Via Matteo Bonello 2 sito www.diocesipa.it - tel.: 091.6077111 - 091. 6113642 - email: curia@diocesipa.it

Cattedrale di Palermo - C.so Vittorio Emanuele sito www.cattedrale.palermo.it - email: tourcattedrale@diocesipa.it - tel. 091.334373 - fax 091.334375

Santuario di Santa Rosalia sul Monte Pellegrino - Via Pietro Bonanno. Palermo sito: www.santuariosantarosalia.it - emael: santuariosantarosalia@gmail.com - tel. 091.334373 - fax 091.334375 - Cell. Reggente: 3398706117 - el (+39) 091 540326 - Fax (+39) 091 6375286


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