County capital, Modica has been one of the historical and economic heart in Sicily, qualified outstanding and passed down by the massive baroque treasure of magnificient Duomo di San Giorgio and the impressive Duomo di San Pietro.

To the several and valuable religious sites, rich in history and architecture, matches a valuable heritage of civilian and military buildings, as the ruins of Castello dei Conti di Modica, whose the Torretta dell’Orologio is the city emblem.

Duomo di San Pietro a Modica – ph Paolo Barone

It is quite impossible not to mention the cave inhabited during the prehistorical era, the necropoly and the archeologycal sites. Cava Ispica is at the same time natural entertainment and valuable evidence of the bronze era.

Modica is a taste trove too, with its chocolate, requested world wide, obtained by and ancient and orginal aztec recipe and celebrated from a great successful kermesse. Exquisite meat and cheese of the local cattle breed can be also tasted.
Its stunning seaside hamlets, applicant scenery in the famous series Il Commissario Montalbano, make it one of the most requested touristic place.

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